Our Vintage Clip Art CDs are the perfect compilations of assorted images to satiate all of your crafting and ephemera needs. We've handpicked over 250 images from the publisher's own collection, from old photos, rare French book covers, stamps, postcards, sketches, vintage advertisements, and more to keep your imagination pumping with creativity. Whether you are a paper crafter, love to make digital collages, assemble jewelry pieces, or create mixed-media projects, there is something for every type of artist in our Clip Art Collection.

Vintage CD Clip Art Volume 1

Vintage Clip Art CD Volume 1
Price: $9.95
Originally offered exclusively to multi-year
Somerset Studio subscribers, Volume 1 of
our Vintage Clip Art CD sold out in record
time after it was first released to the general
public! Due to the popularity of this timeless
CD, Stampington & Company is
reintroducing this must-have collection that
is full of over 500 imaginative scraps of
ephemera, such as photographs, sketches,
rare French finds, and more! If you missed
out on purchasing this CD the first time, be
sure to order and reserve your copy today.


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Vintage CD Clip Art Volume 1

Vintage Clip Art CD Volume 2
Price: $7.95
Previously available exclusively to multi-year
Somerset Studio subscribers, we're now
offering our inspiring Vintage Clip Art CD,
Volume 2, to the rest of the public. With
over 250 images ripe for the picking, there
is something for every kind of artist on this
must-have CD! Order today to receive one
of our most beloved collections of digital
ephemera that contains hundreds of hand-
selected images from the Publisher's own
rare finds.


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